Crumbling walls of Děvín

We had a trip onto ruins of Děvín (Dívčí hrad aka Castle of maid aka Maidberk aka Maidenburg) on mount of Pavlovské vrchy (Pálava, Pavlov's mountains) at Saturday.I acquired a panorama view of dam Nové Mlýny and a part of South Moravia with on top of the crumbling walls. A small village near center of the image is Dolní Věstonice, where prof. K. Absolon found the prehistoric nude sculpture now known as Věstonická venuše. All area under the mounts has been the first part of human settlement on Moravia.

The panoramatic view from Crumbling walls of Děvín. The large version by RAW pictures can be compared to one by JPEGs adjusted by Canon EOS 30D. Is a pastel better than reality?

We also visited a next airport near of Strachotín. It has a nice horizon profile. Unfortunately, a gas station is on the east. Any zodiacal light has not been detected again and the Venus's shadows may be visible, but not by us.

Two Venuses on west in large. The zodiacal light is not visible (?) due clouds.

Pálava at night. Děvín is at peak on left. The clouds on right over Pálava are illuminated by Mikulov town.

Lights on east. The most intensive source is probably a gas station.

Brno on horizon on north at distance about 30km.

Thx for nice accompany to Maceška.
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