Munipack vs. Mercurial

I uploaded Munipack's source version tree to Google's Mercurial repository a few minutes ago. The step has been invoked by idea to provide of a public access of current code changes via Google's version repository. Munipack's archive is accessible on Google's code:


I'd used classic CVS before two weeks ago. Unfortunately, Google doesn't offers CVS, so I explored SVN, Mercurial and Git. Therefore I explored these version systems. By my opinion, SVN isn't step forward. Features of both (CVS vs. SVN) overlaps and the turnover practically offers only different codes (aliases) for operations.

Both Mercurial and Git are acceptable and with an excellent design. The selection Mercurial vs. Git is really difficult. Finally, I selected the Mercurial only for its wider portability, which is really important for me (and also for Mercurial's simple usage and nice guide).

Beginning experiences are really amazing. The most important for me is absolute free modification of the code. It's possible to work on two or more parts of code together, so I can simply focus on an problem (feature) which I'm thinking about. The development is more free from causality now and I can do more risky actions without any fear.

The publishing of source code make a possibility to simply provide of two branches of Munipack. A stable branch created from a taged running version tree and a development branch with an experimental code.

Also, it opens door for an independent developing...
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