17P/Holmes on the sky of HaP MK Brno

I'm introducing images acquired during our historical first star photo party using by a paralactic mount with a siderical driver. There are a few images taken during evenning 2007-10-31/11-01 on a terace of a building of HaP MK Brno. I and codel...

Wide field (Canon EOS 30D, f=18mm, 134 sec)

Detail of comet location (Canon EOS 30D, f=170mm, 244 sec)

Pleiades (Canon EOS 30D, f=400mm, 50 sec)

Orion's nebula (Canon ESO 30D, f=400mm, 30sec)

Don't be confused by background gradient (especially on wide field). It's due to a strong light-pollution by Brno. The observatory is located near center of 400th thousands town. Look also on codel's blog.
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