A trip to Macocha

Macocha is an abyss near Blansko town (approximately 30km far of Brno).. cold evening, .. clear sky .. hight humidity .. Holmes near zenit... Milky way... really nice .. we had concentred to pointed photographing by our fish-eye .. The images covers practicaly full sky sphere. A lot of interesting objects can be identified. For example, Andromeda galaxy (M31), M33, NGC 456, Holmes, California... the large image (1/2 of original) shows optical quality of Canon's fish-eye f15. The picture is perfect at center while small triangles appears at borders. A light polution due to Brno (on south) and Blansko (west-north) is clearly visible...

The Sky (Canon EOS 5D, fish-eye 15mm, 127 sec)

The sky (Canon EOS 5D, fish-eye 15mm, 618 sec)

A large format of deep_macocha , A large format of deeep_macocha.

We still need the correct white balance of our camera....

The romantic time of the evening is illlustrated by images:

Staff at work (Canon EOS 5D, fish-eye 15mm, 30 sec)
Ground view (Canon EOS 5D, fish-eye 15mm, 30 sec)

Large versions: ground and staff.

Thx Mif, codel, RAMka and Kocka.
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