New SBIG drivers

Thanks to J.Soldán, SBIG's new version of camera drivers has been updated month ago. An update of Nightview associated to the new drivers has been smooth. Today's tests of our (faculty's) ST-8 new camera (first light!) discovered a few unimportant bugs in a daemon's start by udev scripts (they would be corrected at now). The daemon (it directly talking to camera via updated drivers) seems to be a bugfix free. The drivers itself looks perfectly. All known bugfixes (a link to libusb and cwf typo in headers) has been corrected. It works on 64-bit systems!

I'd prepared an install_sbig_firmware.sh script to automatically install (fetch it, unpack, copy to appropriate place) of the drivers. To install Nightview on clear computer, download of latest nightview-????-??-??.tar.gz, unpack it, go to libsbig directory (if you can install camera driver) an run the script. Everything is prepared to run successfully a configure. There is a simplefirst-time installation way:

wget ftp://integral.physics.muni.cz/pub/nightview/nightview_2008-01-04.tar.gz
tar zxf nightview_2008-01-04.tar.gz
cd nightview/libsbig

cd ..



make install

The presented commands will install all needs. A switch-on of a power button will start firmware loading sequence and the camera daemon. Of course, the installation of drivers will necessary only for first time. The drivers can be smoothly uninstalled by a script uninstall_sbig_firmware.sh

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