Munipack stable release

Yesterday, I finished work on a simple script to make of a regular release of Munipack. Geeks from Fedora Astronomy group included Munipack in their release. Unfortunately, they used a really historical version (it may come from past century). I think, it is due of may unconventional designing and releasing of Munipack (also Nightview) versions. New versions are generated once per day from cvs repository as nightly builds. Many of peoples are supposed that it is a development version only and it isn't suitable as a production release. It isn't true, but all peoples suppose it due to the naming scheme.

To suppress any confusion, the version issue is improved to a conventional naming scheme from now. The "stable" release will be also generated from cvs repository. The generation will less frequent (only once per month), the archive will named as munipack-0.4.?.tar.gz with incrementing only last digit. Also, the archive will generated if the following rules will be satisfied:
  • the last changelog record is older then approximately 35 days
  • the changelog records are different
I think, it will prevent incrementing of minor version without change of content and it will give me some time for developing and bug-fixing of a new code (you can still use of nightly builds in meantime).
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