Expedition Moldavite

A moldavite (vltavín in Czech by river Vltava) is a stone which has been created during a meteorite impact. Main centers of deposits of moldavites in Bohemia are near České Budějovice (yes, Budweiser's origin) and in Moravia near Třebíč town. I (and a group of geologist) had a visit on Moravian's location on last Saturday. We has found nothing but the trip has been really nice... Stones are like a dark glass and they are usually found on ploughed fields.

Our first locality has been situated near border of Třebíč.

The second locality has been below Sádek castle near of Kojetice village. There is a vineyard around center of the picture.

The third and last stop has been at a small wood near Dolní Lažany willage.
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