Rojetín's night sky

I found the "airport" month ago. Yesterday, I did a first night's trip to the location. The drive troughout darkness and a relative sparse settled landscape is a amazing adventure. Any ambient scenery is pretty unrecognizable. The darkness on the airport is absolute. Only a few far lights is directly visible. The airport is completly abandoned so I didn't meet any car during my about hour stay on the place.

I had only our Canon 30D and our fish-eye (no a tripoid or no a mount). All images has been taken with a static 30sec exposure and with the camera positioned by anything possible (a hinking map, a car atlas). An objective clone has been 3.2 (full aperture), ISO 1600. An atmospheric condition was relative good with a light mist and a nice crescent moon.

I'm publishing a few preview images. All images are converted from RAW format as a color pictures to better illustrate a light pollution. No corection on dark frame has been done. The place is practically the same as it was at last visit.

A view to noth-east direction as a equivalent to day's view. There are lights from Rojetín and Ždárec. Bright stars are part of Big dippper (center), Ursa Minor (top left) and Leo (right).

A view to south-west direction as a equivalent to day's view. The airport facilty is at right, we can recognize connstelation Orion and Canes Major. Light domes near horizont comes from Březí and Borovník. You can identify an airplane at large resolution picture.

Crescent moon.

Light domes at direction to Brno. A head of Leo on the left, Sirius on the right. The large format of the image reveales Preasepe.

The west's view. Cassiopea on top, Deneb near horizont. M31, Lacerta.

Mars and "the gold gate of ecliptic".

Zenit. A lot of object is vissible. The comet Holmes is near Algol.

A church at Ždárec. One of main light polution sources on north direction.
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